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Register Account

We know you're eager to put your mouse on the trigger using our Barrage Blaster! However, there are some things you will need to do beforehand to ensure you have the best experience possible.

First things first, you need to download the application from Zeros' toolshop. Accept the terms and conditions and you're good to go!

After you have downloaded and installed the application, feel free to run it and you should expect a window to appear looking remotely similar to the image below.

Fill in the requested details and ensure that the username is unique to only you. Please take time checking your email is correct as the confirmation to your registration will be sent there.

The payment tab will unlock considering there are no issues with validation. You will receive a Bitcoin address to send the $300 registration fee along side its corresponding QR code.

Once payment has been made please check your email containing your Barrage Blaster License valid only for a year upon receipt.

Check out Signing In

Sign In

At this point you should have your Sign In Credentials and your License Number. You should have received it by email. If not then please refer to Register Account.

Ensure you are on the Login tab shown on the image below. Considering your credentials are valid. A box will appear asking for your license Number. It will only do so once and be stored in your system.Your licence number can be one multiple systems with no limit.

Once everything matches up well, you will have full access to Barrage Blaster for the duration of your license.

Check out Sending SMS

Sending SMS

You're at the most exciting part!! Once you've signed in you will be taken to the sender module of the Barrage Blaster

Every new user has a default Sender Name of SMSInfo. Some countries do not accept SenderID, such as USA & Canada, therefore a default number will be used instead. Default numbers can not be customised. Other Countries such as UK, Italy, Germany will have SMSInfo appear as the senderID.

On the condition there are enough units with correlation to the amount of numbers you're sending to & you have you're desired sender name, you are now capable of blasting your way into your first SMS Campaign!

Whether you have emptied your rounds or have preserved a few, the Barrage Blaster will buffer for 2 minutes before you can send again. In this time it will be updating the delivery status of your most recent campaign.

**NOTE**Ensure you check the character count as you are typing your message as each SMS has a limit of 160 Characters. & country code is added as a prefix before sending

Check out Request Sender ID

Request Sender ID

You must've realise SMSInfo weren't condusive for your campaign. No Worries! You are able to request custom sender ID simply by accessing the SenderID Module.

Within the SenderID text field, enter the Sender ID you would like to appear in your campaign, afterwards press Submit. Within 24 Hrs you should receive a response confirming whether your SenderID has been accepted or not

Once it has been approved, go back to the Sender Module and you will find the Sender ID in the list of sender names.

Check out SMS Reloads

SMS Reloads

Last but definitely not least, we have SMS Reloads! With this feature you can place orders and make payments via the Barrage Blaster. In this section we're going to take you through how.

Firstly, you will need to be within the Pricing Module of the Barrage Blaster. Once done, select the Country you would like to reload for. Afterwards, enter the amount of units you would like to reload; You will be shown the calculation of your order.

Once your satisfied with the price, click the New Payment button.

Nearly there! Once youve clicked on the new payment you will be automatically taken to the Orders Module. Here you can view the status of your order. You can also find your designated BTC Address within this section. If you prefer to make payments via QR then click the Generate QR button.

Once your payment has been made & the Order has been processed and completed, access the Sender Module and your Reloads order will reflect within your credits.

That's pretty much all there is to it. Any issues contact us via the Help Hut. Happy Blasting!

API Documentation

We know you Devs are eager to get your fingers on some API Endpoints! Please be patient, they're Coming soon!